\ ˈlīf \

life  :  sequence of physical and mental experiences forming the existence of an individual

The basis of my work relies on my vision and concept of the natural world to translate clay into three-dimensional form, forever recording my emotions and the imprint of my fingers into clay.


Most plants and trees are forced into a winter rest period. The seeds and pods which contain a tiny plant embryo, lie dormant. I incorporate these organic elements of dormancy into my work and draw on feelings of my subject matter to inspire form and color. 

death  : a permanent cessation of all vital functions



\ ˌdē-kəm-ˈpōz \

decompose  : to break up into constituent parts by or as if by a chemical process

Time erodes, leaving behind inspirational textures and patterns. River smoothed boulders, jagged mountains, wind bent trees, whorled roots, insect trails, crackled bark, peeling weather layers. Elements of decay evolve into surface textures and fuel the glaze process.


Roots of trees connect with soil and fungi. With warmth and precipitation they awaken with new life. Lichen, mosses,   motifs become a backdrop for the imagery, colors, and textures in my work. 

rebirth  : spiritual regeneration, a second or new birth

\ (ˌ)rē-ˈbərth \

From my earliest experiences playing in the rock-creek beds and quarries of New York, to the natural beauty of the glacial-carved Colorado Rocky Mountains, I have developed an affection for sculpting clay incorporating seasonal changes of life, dormancy, decay and rebirth with textures inspired by these landscapes

My ceramic sculptures begin as an idea evolving and developing all the while taking into consideration the stability of the sculpture and the final high-temperature firing. Decisions about final color using stain, colored slips and glazes are solidified in the early stages of construction and finalized in the frequently unpredictable nature of the kiln.